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(- Make the Nordic countries take off again!)

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FRIT NORDEN is a grassroot organisation (DK, N, and S), whose aim is

  • to free the Nordic countries from the European Union in order to reestablish Nordic and international co-operation among free nations
  • to defend the peoples right to independence
  • to defend democracy
  • to further improve the Nordic welfare system (which is based on publicly funded services)
  • to promote Nordic co-operation and to weave the Nordic people together respecting their diversity

  • to inform about the Nordic countries


Nordisk Folkerigsdag (NGO)
  - Nordisk Folkerigsdag 2017

Nordic Council (GO)
  - The Helsinki Treaty


Favorite www-sites (some in English) with sources of  information on the Nordic countries: 

  Short introduction for foreigners
box1. Danish and other Nordic EU-resistance movements 
box2. Nordic people 
box3. Nordic co-operation 
box4. Nordic languages 
box5. Nordic alternatives to EU 
box6. Miscellaneous


The magazine FRIT NORDEN (in Danish):

Articles 2000-2017:  List of contents   

New!  June 2017 issue

The special issue on Scandinavia and Europe, March 2014

The special issue on Public security, August 2010

The special issue on Nordic culture and media, December 2009

The special issue on Nordic languages, May 2008

The special issue on Vestnorden, August 2004

Nordic Notes (in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English):

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